The Future Begins Today.

Promoting higher education for Orthodox women.חוי-ארנפלד-חדש

This is an initiative that carries with it a sense of mission… to guide Chareidi
women through a process that will have significant impact on their lives.

(Walla News 26.1.2014)

5 Reasons to choose 'Chavi Erenfeld' 

Get an academic degree while maintaining an Orthodox lifestyle.

We establish and maintain academic tracks for orthodox women within some of the best colleges in the country.
These programs combine uncompromising academic excellence, with a setting strictly appropriate for the Chareidi lifestyle.

B.Ed and M.A degrees.

You can choose from various fields of study and get an academic degree from one of Israel's leading colleges.
The academic requirements in Chavi Erenfeld's classes are the same as in the college.
The degree is granted by the college.

We understand your special needs.

The schedule is adjusted to your needs.
Classes are held just one day a week, with a late starting hour.
Holidays and fasts are taken into consideration.
Ceremonies and seminars are held separately from the regular college.

 Experience and proven success.

2010 – The year Chavi Erenfled social initiative was established.
26,544,688 – total number of academic hours learned in one semester by currently enrolled students.
92% – average GPA of those who completed their degree.
6 – available academic tracks, providing complete training for gainful employment.
1469 – number of graduates of our academic tracks now fully integrated in the work force.
99% – percentage of our students who successfully complete their studies.
80% – of our students have received job promotions or salary raises.

Professional staff and personal guidance.

Chavi Erenfeld and her staff provide all-encompassing personal guidance to each student.
She guides and advises students, referring them to the appropriate resources, and also helps them overcome their emotional hurdles, empowering them throughout the entire process – from choosing the right academic track right through receiving their degree and integrating into the work force.


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